The Revolution of Micromobility in Cattolica - Electric Scooters for all

Let the Revolution begin! With this fantastic motto we could summarize the period of experimentation of electric scooters in the territory of Cattolica that lasted for the entire 2019 Estate. And it was undoubtedly a positive experiment. Together with the Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli and the Startup Bit, the Cattolica Administration has in fact inaugurated this service designed to make dozens of electric Scooters available for sharing in the city, that is, available to users who can rent them through an app. by unlocking them and using them freely, then leaving them parked in other areas of the city ready for other users.

An innovation certainly enjoyed by the many tourists who storm the Adriatic Queen every summer. In fact, the traffic of cars and motorcycles has been significantly reduced along the roads of the Romagna town thanks to these scooters capable of reaching speeds close to 20 km. schedules, perfect for the street circuit, ideal for quickly transporting people in full respect of the environment and helping to remove traffic from the streets of Cattolica. The Bit app allows you to locate the scooter closest to us, to immediately see the status of the battery and possibly to unlock it by paying a euro, payment that occurs automatically thanks to the credit card information that we have taken care to insert app. At that point it is possible to take the electric vehicle and enter the streets with the possibility of using the preferential lanes reserved for bicycles (cycle paths) of which the Queen abounds. The total cost of the rental will be based on the time we used the electric vehicle.

The vehicle can run on practically any road surface and is also allowed on sidewalks, provided it does not exceed 7 km per hour. In short, it is a perfect model of environmental sustainability that soon dozens of Municipalities will follow.

After all, this service has become essential in the short term of a few days for the city and so appreciated by users that it will certainly be repeated in the summer 2020. One more reason to choose Cattolica among its beach destinations!

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