Dogs can swim in Cattolica, but only under certain conditions

Bathing in the sea for dogs: news in Cattolica

After Rimini, also Cattolica has moved to allow the bathing of dogs in the summer, albeit with many limitations and perhaps a logistical difficulty of implementation.

The rules:

The bath will be possible only in the bathing establishments that have already availed themselves of the faculty to equip areas with canine accommodation. In Cattolica, there are five beaches of this type, and only one has requested permission to also allow the bathroom;

The sea area intended for bathing dogs must be identified in the water mirror in front of the bathing establishment, bounded by buoys and identified by a sign;

Very restrictive times: from 6 to 7: 30 and from 20 to 22 (in Rimini, instead, the bathroom will be possible from 6 to 8 and from 19: 30 to 21);

The dog must always be accompanied with a leash and the cleaning of the water mirror and the beach (where necessary) will be up to the owner.

Furthermore, the dog must be registered at the bathhouse. For details, reference can be made to the ordinance at the end of the article.

The conditions are certainly not the best but it is still a step forward compared to the total ban. It is hoped that with greater demand from the customers of the establishments you can loosen some rules, for example that on schedules (on the other hand, it is perhaps in the hottest hours that dogs would need to cool off with a bath).

Below is the municipal ordinance with which the above is ratified and regulated:


  1. Karola Euf
    August 25 2019

    Liebe Verantwortliche ,,

    wir waren immer sehr gerne in Cattolica
    im Urlaub. Ich kenne es seit Kindesbeinen und es war meine zweite Heimat.
    From wir nun einen Gund besitzen, sieht es damit
    leider nicht mehr so ​​gut für uns aus.
    Dieses Jahr haben wir uns für einen Aufenthalt
    in Grado-pineta Pineta entschieden.
    Es gibt dort einen Hundestrand!
    Schöner wäre es, wenn es solch einen Strand in
    Cattolica gäbe!
    Wir hoffen weiter und verbleiben mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Karola Ruf, Augsburg, Deutschland

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