Parking in Cattolica? solved: Car at the Regina car park and then by shuttle bus to the Hotel

A nice novelty that we present with pleasure to our customers: from this year it will be possible, coming from the highway, to park the car directly at the Regina Parking, parking agreement with Hotel Boston, then get to the Hotel comfortably via the free shuttle that takes you it will also take care of luggage transport.

In this way you will avoid the double trip to the hotel and then back to the parking lot of those who are coming to spend your holiday in Cattolica and travel on the highway. The Regina Parking, in fact, with its location just 50 meters from the motorway toll booth (see photo), is ideal for immediately parking the car after the long journey. Once out of the toll booth and taking the direction for Cattolica, at the second roundabout turn right and you have already arrived at the Parking Regina which has an indoor parking, guarded and insured. Once you leave the highway you will no longer need to worry about your car: once you leave safely in the shadow of the Regina car park you will only have to spend the rest of the holiday in joy at Hotel Boston by a free shuttle made available by the Regina Parking. Following the map to get to the parking:

After a year of stress in the city traffic we thought, with the collaboration of the Parking Queen, to offer this service to our customers with multiple purposes: to alleviate the inconvenience of arrival, avoid the city traffic in the streets of Cattolica, immediately offer a safe accommodation for the car, shorten check-in times. The goal is always to offer the highest quality services at the lowest price, and we hope to have taken another step in this direction!


  1. Alessandro ad of the Milan
    February 12 2015

    I arrive with the usual 2 children in tow and half the house in the trunk between suitcases and bags .. and this year I also thought of bicycles ... What do you say?

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