2015 Tourist Tax in Cattolica: here are the rates


Officialized by the Municipality of Cattolica - Tax Office the rates relating to the 2015 tourist tax to be applied in the territory of Cattolica. Only up to a maximum of 7 days will be counted (in case of stay beyond 7 days, an amount equal to 7 days will be paid, in case of stay less than 7 days only the days of stay will be counted). The rates relating to the range of 3 stars hotels (of which we are a part) are of euro 1,00 per day per personChildren up to 12 years of age are exempted from paying, while children up to 14 years are exempt only if counted as a second child in the parents' room, and if the first child has 12 years not completed. So indicatively a family of 4 people consisting of father, mother and two children of 6 and 9 years with a ten-day full-board stay will pay in total 14,00 euro of tourist tax.

Below you can see the official statement of the Municipality of Cattolica concerning the tax with all the exemptions: City tax.


  1. Gian Carlo
    December 21 2013

    They do not know how to take the money and to lose it is always us, it means that even if I was going to come to spend the holidays or a weekend I'm at home. A matter of principle, a nice way to attract customers.

  2. Francesco
    June 6 2014

    I have been attending Cattolica for almost 20 years for several reasons. I always felt good, also because I found a group of friends that I see each year. However, in recent years, Cattolica has lost its effervescence. It does not organize anything in the square, just show fountains. And then shows with street artists. If you want something serious you have to go to the Queen's Arena and spend money: 20-25 euro per person. But is it possible that with all the money we bring to the Riviera we must be content with street artists? I understand that Riccione often offers shows on the waterfront. It has a beautiful, huge stage, and occasionally there is some Italian singer, but internationally renowned. Even Misano Adriatico offers a bill of hobbies throughout the quarter. Cattolica no, only if you pay. And now they have the courage to ask for a tourist tax even if it is symbolic. I hope these lines are read by an assessor or mayor and I would like a comment.
    Thank you. Francis.

    • Marco Belemmi
      June 6 2014

      Hi Francesco, thanks for your contribution. His comment has been re-launched on the Facebook page of Cattolica, hoping that some administrators will read it and draw the due consequences. PS I think like you

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