Cattolica in Flower 2013

Also this year Cattolica is getting ready to welcome floral exhibitors from all over the world for what has now become a regular appointment for botanical enthusiasts and also simply for all those who love gardening. We are talking of course Cattolica in Flower 2013, the exhibition of the flowers of Cattolica that gathers national and international nurserymen to exhibit floral masterpieces and plants of every shape and size to satisfy every need. The highlight of the Cattolica spring will be held from 1 to 3 May 2013 in the municipal area.

The market exhibition takes place along the streets of the city center that is completely closed to traffic to accommodate the stalls and exhibition stands. The event benefits from an exhibition area of ​​over 4500 square meters, thus offering visitors a wide choice of plants and flowers, in particular they are always present: Geraniums, Tulips, Roses, Daisies, Rhododendrons, Orchids, Violets, Begonias, Dalie, Calle, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Gardenias. As for the side of the plants here also very wide choice between: Ficus, Hibiscus, Acacia, Ivy, Cypress, Juniper, Pine, Palm.

Cattolica-in-bloomIn short, a choice varies among over one hundred stands, but let's see in detail where exhibitors are placed this year: we start from Via Curiel, the way that leads to Piazza Primo Maggio, also an exhibition space in its entirety, then we move to the central Via Bovio, to go up to Via Mancini up towards the Municipality of Cattolica, Palazzo Mancini, cheerfully surrounded by stalls full of ornamental plants, flowers and trees for sale. A natural walk along streets covered with flowers and plants, in the midst of cheerful pallets of botanical merchandise for sale, with the possibility of buying even the most diverse gardening tools: from hand-painted or hand-painted terracotta pottery to tools to prune a hedge to the fertilizer for the plants, to the herbicide to the work gloves.

The whole event will then be enlivened by parallel events of musical nature and entertainment: a concert in Piazza Primo Maggio and a show dedicated to children. Ultimately Cattolica in Flower 2013 is confirmed as a great cultural event able to attract a large crowd of visitors intrigued by the plants on display and the first spring warmth that allow a visit to the beach. A better combination is not there, you just have to try!

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