Cycle tourism in Romagna - services and routes

For some time now, a new trend in sports holidays has been gaining momentum (it is appropriate to say so): cycle tourism at sea with the family. This new type of tourism is made of two-wheel enthusiasts who meet the needs of the family for a relaxing seaside holiday with the opportunity to go out on a bike for excursions that can be transformed into training. From this point of view, Cattolica is one of the best places to spend a "Bike Holiday" because it basically has two characteristics that not all tourist resorts can have: the sea and the hills. Two essential elements that can offer the cyclist a memorable holiday with ahigh quality of services.

But let's analyze for a moment the details of Cattolica, and in particular the Hotel Boston can offer for this sporting holiday. First of all, it is good to remember, Hotel Boston is part of the Bike Hotel of Cattolica, that is a group of seven qualified structures that have decided to dedicate themselves to the reception and development of bicycle tourism and services connected to it.

The Hotel offers: a bicycle storage room indoor and closed, the possibility to plan itineraries to be covered with a local guide qualified to accompany small groups of cyclists, the possibility of having flexible dinner and breakfast times in relation to sports commitments with the integration of a high protein and vitamin content, an area equipped in the Hotel where you can repair and carry out maintenance works on your bike, medical assistance on request, convention with gyms and wellness centers also specialized in physiotherapy and muscle massage, a service of Laundry of dirty uniforms.

But for what reasons should you choose a cycling holiday in Cattolica? First of all for the splendid routes that the Romagna hinterland can offer. Let's see together what are the most beautiful:


sanbartoloThe Panoramica is the road that connects Gabicce Monte to Pesaro, passing through Castel di Mezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara. The route is about 40 km long. (round trip) and is landscaped with stunning views. The slope never exceeds 7% and is quite challenging (especially in the first leg), but can be faced calmly to enjoy the view. The look in fact spans the entire coast of Romagna, with the visibility of the entire coast from Gabicce Mare to Cervia. Also take into account that the itinerary crosses the San Bartolo Park, a very important naturalistic oasis hosting a protected fauna and flora. Other interesting stops are at the medieval villages of Castel di Mezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara, two villages perched on a hill, surrounded by fortified walls and also with beautiful views from almost every point of their urban network. The return of this route is particularly simple, because almost everything downhill, you must be careful not to take too much speed due to the tortuous nature of the road and the danger of cars that can cross.


carpegna"To train I do not go to the Dolomites, I just need Mount Carpegna and the Cippo!" So said the late Marco Pantani to those who asked him what were the places of his training and how to prepare for the terrible climbs Tour and Tour . And to put it all this route is challenging for any cyclist, professional or amateur, so that not infrequently happen to see, climbing through the hairpin bends of Mount Carpegna, exhausted cyclists who dismounted from the bikes continue to piedfi towards the top, or rest on the roadside with big breath. The Monte Carpegna is easily accessible from Cattolica in about 30 minutes by car. Once you leave the car at the beginning of the climb, or even before, in Morciano di Romagna to enjoy a little flatland in the beautiful countryside of Romagna, we begin the climb to the Cippo, the top of Carpegna which houses a commemorative plaque dedicated to the great Pirate. The climb is really challenging, as we said, with an average gradient of over 7% and with traits also with the 15% of slope: it requires considerable athletic training. But doing it with a little 'calm and without competitive will it can be done easily even by cyclists, with a time ranging from 3 to 5 hours. Needless to say, even here you will find beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to refresh yourself along the village you meet along the way. Below the altimetry of this challenging hill:



vacanze_in_biciclettaAnother wonderful ride to do when you are in Cattolica for cycling and certainly the tour of San Marino. Designed for each category of cyclists this tour involves reaching Mercatino Conca da Cattolica (in a time of about 40 minutes) and then aiming towards Ospedaletto, Pietracuta and Verrucchio to lap and skirt the borders of the oldest Republic in the world following a path certainly not prohibitive with ups and downs and small climbs that do not require any effort. An itinerary really recommended for all those who love the countryside and the spectacle of nature, especially in spring, with golden changes of ears and meadows with multicolored flowers. A journey of about 70 total km, to be completed in a time that varies from 3 to 4 hours.

In conclusion, Romagna and Cattolica offer an amateur cyclist everything they could wish for a dream holiday: sun and sea for their family and for themselves (when it does not run), paths of unparalleled natural beauty, services and guides qualified to the height of his desire to train and to make tourism and prices absolutely at the door of all. Best combination for cycling is really difficult to find elsewhere.


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