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Today the ceremony for the delivery of the 2019 Blue Flag to the Municipality of Cattolica was held. It is the 23th year that Cattolica wins this prestigious ...

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Carla and Giulia, our loyal customers, posing for their Boston Pink Night! And while the festivities end, the lingering flavor remains ..

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today our chef Lina coming to work early in the morning has been subjugated by the beauty of this sunflower ... aren't they beautiful?

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Madama Torta di Frutta makes its triumphal entry into the dining room! Orta #port #timangio

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little Giulia made a beautiful drawing of Boston and gave it to Vladi, our incomparable dining room maitre ... what to say? gorgeous!

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Photos from the post of Hotel Boston - Cattolica

Enjoy your meal! ❤️

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today Shrimp with pink salt by our Chef Lina, an explosion of taste!

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The phantasmagoric 2019 Collection Beach Bags have arrived !! These have (finally) also the hinge and are very but very Fashion with ..

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Photos from the post of Hotel Boston - Cattolica

We are waiting for you 🧜‍♀️

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